Richard Watt, writer of fiction and non-fiction

Richard is the author of Going Back, published in June 2013, and the Dear Friends letters, a regular column which ran in the Prince George Citizen newspaper.

Please browse the website for examples of Richard's writing, and follow Richard's Tumblr blog for regular updates on writing and the progress towards the publication of Shore Leave.

Coming in 2015: Shore Leave

Scheduled for publication in 2015, Shore Leave tells the intertwined stories of two men, one without a past, and one without a future.

Spanning over 50 years from the childhood of Robbie, fated never to return from war, to the restless life of David, a man who can only find peace by uncovering the truth about his connection to Robbie.

From the author of the highly-praised Going Back, a new novel of memory and loss. Coming in 2015.

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Going BackSome memories aren't really memories at all…

In 1978, Andrew Macintyre was 15 years old and on the greatest adventure of his life when he was drawn into the troubled life of Karla, the woman who would disturb his dreams for the next 25 years. He has buried the memory of what she did to him ever since, but an encounter with her brother reveals a shocking reality he can't ignore.

He travels back to the village in Germany he only dimly remembers and the truth is slowly revealed to him; the truth about the boy he was, and about the man he might yet be. Clare, the girl he worshipped from afar, becomes the friend he had needed all along, and together they piece together what really happened. As everyone affected by that summer comes together, Andrew hopes that memories, like wounds, can heal…

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Four and Five star reviews for Going Back!

  • "Suspense and interesting characters kept my attention right through to the end. Great book!" Review from
  • "The storyline has so many twists and turns in regards to the character interactions that you are left with a sense of wonderment and amazement." Review from
  • "I felt I got to know the main characters extremely well and they were developed throughout the book (possibly better that most books I have read)." Review from
  • "The unsettling story of the group of characters is both captivating and mysterious. Filled with truly well-developed characters, powerful symbolism and a great plot I would definitely recommend this novel to anyone interested!" Review from
  • "I would recommend this book to anyone wanting a good redemptive story, and I will be keeping my eye out for any further books that Watt writes." Review from

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